Make Sure a Rental Car is Part of Your Next Trip to Morocco

Make Sure a Rental Car is Part of Your Next Trip to Morocco

Morocco has many things to offer. You can explore from the driver’s seat of a rental car the rugged Atlas Mountains, then zip over to its crawling beaches of the northern shore in order to experience first hand what an attractive and country Morocco is truly.

Close to Europe

The country is close enough to Europe and it has adopted several of their traditions over many centuries. However, Morocco is still unique in its Mediterranean, African and Middle Eastern heritage, and is a destination of a lifetime. With a car rental in Morocco, you are going to see what this favorite tourist destination has to offer.

Moroccan Cuisine

For example, one aspect of its culture every traveler is guaranteed to love and enjoy is its cuisine. Taken as among the most singular cooking styles in the world, you are bound to find hints of Turkish, French, Algerian and Moorish influences. Here is a closer look at Moroccan cuisine.

Discover Hidden Treasures

With a Morocco car rental, you’ll be able to discover everything you can find from the Mediterranean coast all the way to the North Atlantic waters. Majority of visitors start their adventures in the famous city of Casablanca before they take off to the bustling capital city of Rabat, or the quintessential Marrakesh, and you will not have to pick and choose. Instead, you are going to see them all. There are several sights to see. There are also several flavors to taste in this unique and beautiful country. You are going to experience everything this land has to offer. What’s more, they offer affordable prices on car rentals, and also the most convenient pick-up locations throughout the country

Explore More with a Car Rental in Morocco

Casablanca is normally the entrance point for many tourists and adventurers alike who need to experience Morocco. This place is well known for their contemporary mosque that’s taken as the third largest in the world. Touring around the streets of Casablanca is normally easier and trouble-free with car rental in Morocco.

You can spend your afternoons bargaining with local craftsmen plus women in the busy souks. Locally made pottery, hand-woven carpets, glittering jewels that are set into shiny sterling together with fragrant spices are just among few of the goods you are going to find while in Morocco.

Concerning fragrant spices, definitely you are going to need to sample on your trip the regional fare. The best African, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean cuisine combine to provide you a truly lip-smacking and mouthwatering experience.

Therefore, whether you’re in Morocco for its amazing sights, its rich history, or its magnificent and great choices of delicacies, it’s recommended to have a car rental in Morocco. You’re going to be able to go everywhere you want, and when you want at your own pace and time.

Touring Morocco

Touring Morocco

Beautiful Morocco! Such a culturally rich and Historically beautiful place to visit. With so much to see and so much to do, touring this beautiful country will be fun and time consuming. If you are not using a guide be sure to get yourself a car rental while you are in morocco. Without further ado, let’s talk about somethings you should know while you are touring.

1. Dress Appropriately

This really applies to women who are touring Morocco. Morocco is a country of culture and modesty. So traditionally, the women there do not dress like the women in other countries. For example, American women dress in all types of fashions including, crop tops, t-shirts, shorts, and much more. In some parts of Morocco it would be considered disrespectful to dress in a similar fashion. So it is recommended to wear long jeans, or long dresses. Something that will cover your body. Morocco has plenty of beautiful clothing, mainly their Sarongs and Maxi Skirts. Check them out.

2. Haggling

If you plan on buying anything in the Moroccan market places, be prepared to haggle. Selling to a Moroccan comes second nature to breathing for them. Once there, you will be haggled, so it’s only right if you learn to haggle back. The great thing you will come to learn is that you can almost always get anything for cheaper than what it is being sold for. So get your hustling spirits up.

3. Tipping

Almost everywhere you go, you will be asked for a tip after a service. Sometimes even after a favor. I’ll give you an example. If you get a car rental in Morocco, a time will come when you need directions. So if you happen to ask any natives for them, be prepared to be asked for a tip. Moral of the story, always carry tipping money.

4. Keep Mind Of The Holy Day In Morocco

Fridays are their Holy days. So be prepared for shops being closed. It may not be possible to see certain attractions, so be sure to plan accordingly.

5. What To See

I don’t know what your touring agenda is looking like but I strongly recommend you visit at least one of the following places. Forewarning, you might need your own personal rental car.

Casablanca for starters is the largest city in Morocco and is a famous tourist site. Agadir is famous for it’s beautiful crescent beach, small shops and cafes, and it’s golf courses. Marrakesh is another beautiful and historic city known for it’s massive market place. Here you can find a lot of authentic and original Moroccan jewelry and pottery.

As you can see there is much to be aware of and see while touring Morocco. Although there are plenty of guides and tours, It is my recommendation to get a car rental in Morocco. This way you have the liberty to see all the small and finer beauties Morocco has to offer.

Renewable Energy Solutions Explained

Using renewable energy solutions at home can make you feel so much better as a homeowner. In a lot of cases, you can save quite a bit of money. In all cases, you can go to bed at night and sleep with the peace of mind that you did something to help the world stay clean and beautiful, which are great values to demonstrate to others and lead by example, especially if you’re a parent.

If you’re not currently doing it already, keep reading to learn 6 renewable energy solutions you can use at home.

1) Solar: This is the most commonly used renewable energy solution many residential properties use, just because the sun shines on everything at some point. The farther north you get, the less effective it is though. However, if you’re in the right spot, you can completely live off the grid with a good solar installation, inexpensive solar panel system. Battery storage makes it possible to enjoy your juice even in the dark of night. More limited applications let you do specific things like recharge mobile electronics in windowsills and heat up the water you use for showering or doing the dishes after a good meal.

2) Wind: Small turbines are available that you can mount to the roof of your home. Find out what wind speeds they need to activate and check your annual or historical climate data to find out if it’s going to be at all worth it.

3) Hydropower: You can’t think Hoover Dam here. However, if there’s a stream, creek, or brook running through your property most of the time, there are small hydroelectric generators you can install for a small but steady current of power into your home.

4) Geothermal: This harnesses the heat of the planet’s interior, often involving running pipes down into the ground where the water is turned into steam. In some cases, the steam can power a generator to provide electricity. In more common cases, it’s at least a source of hot water. This is not available in many areas due to the terrain, however.

5) Choose your utility options: If you can’t do any of those previous 4 where you live, or you’d just rather not bother, see if you can still get power from green sources. Some local power utilities let you pay specifically for power from renewable sources, and in some markets, you can even choose your power company so you can pick one that’s greener than the others.

6) Composting: This won’t directly provide your home energy, but it can turn your food waste and some of your trash into soil amendments and fertilizer that helps you grow your own food. That at least saves the fossil fuels used to grow and transport food to your store and table.

Not all of these 6 renewable energy solutions can be used in every home, but review each option on the list to see what might work where you live.