Touring Morocco

Beautiful Morocco! Such a culturally rich and Historically beautiful place to visit. With so much to see and so much to do, touring this beautiful country will be fun and time consuming. If you are not using a guide be sure to get yourself a car rental while you are in morocco. Without further ado, let’s talk about somethings you should know while you are touring.

1. Dress Appropriately

This really applies to women who are touring Morocco. Morocco is a country of culture and modesty. So traditionally, the women there do not dress like the women in other countries. For example, American women dress in all types of fashions including, crop tops, t-shirts, shorts, and much more. In some parts of Morocco it would be considered disrespectful to dress in a similar fashion. So it is recommended to wear long jeans, or long dresses. Something that will cover your body. Morocco has plenty of beautiful clothing, mainly their Sarongs and Maxi Skirts. Check them out.

2. Haggling

If you plan on buying anything in the Moroccan market places, be prepared to haggle. Selling to a Moroccan comes second nature to breathing for them. Once there, you will be haggled, so it’s only right if you learn to haggle back. The great thing you will come to learn is that you can almost always get anything for cheaper than what it is being sold for. So get your hustling spirits up.

3. Tipping

Almost everywhere you go, you will be asked for a tip after a service. Sometimes even after a favor. I’ll give you an example. If you get a car rental in Morocco, a time will come when you need directions. So if you happen to ask any natives for them, be prepared to be asked for a tip. Moral of the story, always carry tipping money.

4. Keep Mind Of The Holy Day In Morocco

Fridays are their Holy days. So be prepared for shops being closed. It may not be possible to see certain attractions, so be sure to plan accordingly.

5. What To See

I don’t know what your touring agenda is looking like but I strongly recommend you visit at least one of the following places. Forewarning, you might need your own personal rental car.

Casablanca for starters is the largest city in Morocco and is a famous tourist site. Agadir is famous for it’s beautiful crescent beach, small shops and cafes, and it’s golf courses. Marrakesh is another beautiful and historic city known for it’s massive market place. Here you can find a lot of authentic and original Moroccan jewelry and pottery.

As you can see there is much to be aware of and see while touring Morocco. Although there are plenty of guides and tours, It is my recommendation to get a car rental in Morocco. This way you have the liberty to see all the small and finer beauties Morocco has to offer.

Penny Fletcher